A directory of companies grouped by category

How can I build:

  • A directory of companies
  • A company belongs to a category
  • A company has a set of details
  • Anyone can view companies, search by name and location and filter by category
  • A member can login and add their company and an admin approves

For a non-profit.

You can make this in glide if you want a mobile app - have you used glide?


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Yes, sorry should have clarified, needs to be a web app

Depends if you have any budget at all, given it’s non-profit. I tried a number of tools for goodvenues.uk but found that most incur some sort of ongoing subscription. My goal was no / very low cost, so that decided the tools - you can read it here https://www.makerpad.co/p/good-venues-directory

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Do you know if Stacker pages can be publicly viewable? Or are they intended to be limited to logged in users only?

Found out that you can only show pages to logged in users so for a directory this won’t work as the only solution. Stacker seems like a good solution for creating and updating records. Need to show that data using a different product. Table to site?

Yeah or you could use Airtable as your one source of truth and display on a webflow site! lots of options

Thanks, trying Table2Site but it’s invite only still?

I messaged Table2Site via the site chat, they sent me an invite.

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Looks like you can just sign yourself up actually using the Get started link. Done!

Thanks for the input everyone.

The org I was building this for decided to focus on the front end vs. content management by members who wanted to create and manage listings in the directory.

Built this prototype and they copied the Airtable base and connected it to their own Table2Site account.

Using a link to an Airtable form view to collect new submissions to the directory for review.

*PS If you’re not sure what a B Corporation is, here’s an overview

Link to the live version the org is using with some new custom features added to Table2Site

@blairrorani I’m a bit late to answer, but this is the perfect use-case for AwesomeTable. You manage the information from a Google Sheets and can embed it anywhere. Please see examples of directories here: