A heatmap from a spreadsheet?

I’m looking to create a heatmap from a spreadsheet with the following values:

  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Score/value (1-10)

The data currently exists in a Google Sheet, but can be hosted anywhere.

I’ve looked at EasyMapMaker, but when you zoom to street level the heatmap is almost entirely transparent, and apparently can’t be fixed. So that’s one option out!

I’m not sure to be honest Neil but if i come across anything I’ll let you know!

Thanks @tomosman!

There appear to be a bunch of services that make map-data overlays possible, but I’m finding it weirdly difficult to find one that does specifically what I need.

I used OpenHeatMap for a long time, but he closed it down a few years ago.

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Its something that I’ve never looked into but super interesting!

Not sure what is the end use case here, but you can build heat maps straight inside Google Sheets.

You can have 3 columns:

Lon | Lat | Value

Then select all the data > Insert > Chart .
Once the chart is added you can easily change it to a map type, Google will Geocode the lon/lat e in the settings panel you will be able to personalize the color.

That’s should be the result:

Enjoy! :v:

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I may have something interesting to look at just incase https://gsuite.google.com/marketplace/app/awesome_table/56088344336


Thanks for the detailed reply!

Unfortunately I’m looking for what I think is called a chloropleth (I could be wrong on that).

I assume it’s technically more difficult to produce this, rather than circles of varying sizes, which is why it’s not so common a service! I want to map values across a city, but with the above visual representation, rather than plotting pins, circles, flags etc.

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Tried this before, but couldn’t make it do what I wanted, sadly - see above.

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Would this work?



Oh my god, I think this is almost exactly what I need. I’ve been looking for something like this for months, but for some reason no amount of googling has resulted in me finding what I needed.

There’s still some things I think it won’t do (but I’ll find a way around those).

THANK YOU! I owe you beer/pizza/coffee/whatever one day!


@amiedelisa to the rescueeeee :trophy:


Lovely community you’ve built here, Ben!

Awesome! It took me a few google searches too. Who knew there were so many options. Would love to see what you make when you’re done. Good luck!

You have better Google-Fu than me, clearly.

FWIW, I’ve been trying to build a heatmap to replace an old one, to display a map of “happiness” that I’ve generated for my home city of Cardiff, Wales.

I have thousands of data points (over 2k people responded first time round, including people around the world).

I want to resurrect this as a UK-wide map (maybe even international), as it generated a lot of interest and press at the time, but I need better questions, better visualisation etc etc.

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This is very cool, Neil. Looks like Cardiff is a happy place :slight_smile:

You might be able to update your data automatically. I was looking at these two help article on their site:

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hey, I found this :


joined makerpad forum today, my first post :trophy:

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Amazing, thanks Amie!

Yeah, I want to get to a point where it auto-updates from Google Docs, which is where the data is currently stored/updated live from a Google Form. People enter their own data, and I want to be able to display a live map.

  1. Go to Twitter.
  2. Ask @levelsio how he made Hoodmaps
  3. Do that

I’m pretty sure he’s solved what you’re trying to do and has openly shared how he did it. Might not be a no-code solution.

Yeah, been following him for a few years. But sadly I’m pretty sure he coded that. He’s great, though. Big fan of his work and process.