A site (or app) that displays content based on geolocation?

How can I build:

  • A site (or app)
  • When [geolocation] = [a point of interest] then display [content: images, text, video, voice over]
  • When I have visited location 1, then I am shown walking directions to location 2

Products considered:

  • Glide (trying to understand what location features a Glide app can access)
  • https://appinstitute.com (not actually sure what their product is called)
  • Bubble?
  • IFTTT plus something?

Update on progress

I see you can add a map element to a webflow site (which I will need to teach myself) so perhaps this is an option. Feels like a lot of work vs. Glide which makes the magic happen pretty simply.

I build the bare bones of this (and the abilty to record the route/videos) a couple of years ago in Bubble.

Videos hosted on Ziggeo
Maps uses Google maps routing via an iframe (you need to be able to pass geolocations into an iframe for this to work

There is no geofencing for playing the video but it would be simple enough to build.

Thanks Nigel. I’ll have a look at this today. Sounds like a great option. Seems like a weird request from the client to have a website do this vs. having a mobile app.

I didn’t 100% understand how that was working (click a link at the top and the map shows the location). Are you able to explain more about how it works?