A Social Network

What are the best available options to build a social network, I do want to save the time of trial an error, I am between Bubble and Adalo. I am building an MVP and I want to make it less costly and easy to build. Or I should opt for wordpress?

https://buddypress.org/ is pretty good but you can quickly get into needing code.

Bubble is more customisable although Adalo is quickly catching up.

Adalo’s editor UI is some way ahead, but Bubble will refresh at some point I am sure.

It would be good to have a think about what the social network is going to be built around.
Is it text based posts like Facebook and Twitter? Videos like YouTube, or even photos like Instagram? :thinking:

That will really help you to know what features you need.

If you’re aiming for more of a forum you could use something like this NoCode Bubble template https://zeroqode.com/template/discoursely---forum-like-discourse-template-1519206217500x944936769038057500

One thing I normally recommend with building social networks, is to make sure you have a small group of people ready to try something out. I would recommend starting with a Slack group while you build out the features of your network, then you can start to seed your network with content and useful discussions! Thanks to no-code, the building is the easy part! :slight_smile: