A website that aggregates tweets from someone I’m following

Hi, trying to keep it super simple for my first project. I’d like to build a site that collects a subset of tweets (both past and future) from a chosen account. These tweets would have keywords that would allow them to be filtered into the collection. Hope that makes sense.

Hey Ramtin, Tom here.

Great idea for your first project.

So to do this you’ll want to be using the Phantom buster API and more specifically the Twitter Export Tweets Phantom.

This will let you scrape the Users tweets into a CSV or Google Sheet which you can then use to power your site using something like Sheet2Site.

Would you want them to be automatically keyworded?

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Hi Tom! Pleased to meet you.

This is the first time I’m hearing about any of these tools. So thank you so much for your insight.

I’d like to limit the posts to tweets with a predesignated set of keywords, so I’m thinking the answer to your question is yes. Though this is something that will need to remain fluid so that I can play around and tweak the keywords to get the most accurate results.

Btw, I’m no expert on Glide but figured that would be the tool of choice when you mentioned Google Sheets as an element. Curious to know your rationale for using Sheet2Site instead…?

Thanks again for taking the time to help!


p.s. You (and your kids) look like you spend a good amount of time outdoors :wink:

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I said Sheet to Site as I wasn’t sure if you wanted a website or an app. If it’s an app yes go for Glide!

You may be able to use Parabola to create a flow to filter by keywords! I’ll do a tutorial showing this as it would make a good one.


Awesome!! Thanks so much! I can’t wait to follow along your tutorial. Just bought the domain and ready to go.

And yea your hunch was right, it’s intended to be a website so I’ll go with Sheet2Site. But now I understand your reasoning, so that’s also helpful :pray:t3:



Look forward to seeing it.


Just spitballing - you can also automate tweet collection with something like Zapier or Texau. Then, you can use Tweetdeck (Twitter’s advanced browser) to export that collection to a page as an iframe.


Hello Ramtim, Anthony here.
Curious if you had a design or purpose in mind? Or just something you’d like to be able to see better than the way lists work (re: don’t work). Or following topics / keywords.
Have you used the Advanced Search on Twitter to see what you get? And then want to be able to add users / keywords as necessary to filter / add?

Glad to see more people posting - love the ideas.


Good to know! Appreciate you taking the time to share :slight_smile:


Hi Anthony! I suppose it’s because I’d like to collect this subset of musings like a self contained journal entry of sorts. It would help me gather everything all in one place without having to take the time to search and sort every time I’d like to refer back.

Plus, I’d like to share this with the public so others can benefit as well.

Interestingly enough, just today I found an article here on Makerpad which paralleled my own thoughts. Except that the author has already created his site using nocode tools! What a trip!

Here’s a link to the article, in case you’re interested…


Sharath did a great job on this!

You can do something very similar with no-code tools for sure Ramtin.

Think the Phbuster + Airtable combo would be good.


Hi @tomosman do you happen to have any recommendations or resources for page templates I can use/reference?

What I’m looking for is sorta niche, so not finding a template on Sheet2Site unfortunately. At least for the first iteration of the site, I’d like it to read like a series of journal entries…With the feel and warmth of handwritten personal notes.

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Hmmm you could try to look on Webflow and see if they have a theme there that fits the bill?

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Will try that. Thanks Tom!

Amused myself and built it in Bubble in 20 mins.

Half of which was arsing about with Twitter Auth :rofl:

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Nice, thanks for sharing! @NigelG are you able to filter the tweets using keywords, or make stylistic changes to the output?

Yes, all possible. Filter is easy. Not sure about what stylistic changes you are after, but mostly possible.

Bubble is a steeper learning curve that the suggestions above however :slight_smile:

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Looks like the Twitter API only allows me to fetch a limited number of tweets dating back approximately a month.

Anyone know if it’s possible to fetch all tweets from a giver user?

Hi Ramtin, did you check this out?



Hi @amiedelisa! Actually Tom brought this to my attention earlier but I hadn’t realized that it would allow me to surpass the 3200 threshold that the Twitter api allows. Thank you for taking the time. I’ll be using this!