Adalo VS. Bubble VS. Webflow&Memberstack for an MVP


I run a weekly newsletter riddle contest, if you’re the first one to answer it correctly you get a cash prize of 25 USD. Right now I use a landing page: and mailerlite for the newsletter, but I’m thinking of making the next step.

I thought about building a website where you can log in, have your profile, and get a weekly ranking. Also thinking SEO would be an important matter, in my mind SEO for apps is harder, but I have limited knowledge.

What do you recommend for the specs I want and the SEO concern?

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like you’re looking for it to be more membership focused, so something like Webflow & Memberstack might have the most features for this.

It might be good to ask your users what it is they are interested in more of! They might want more riddles, or bigger cash prizes!

If they are asking for leaderboards and member profiles then that’s a great sign you’re on the right track. You could check out this tutorial

At the moment signing up and getting the newsletter seems really quick and easy and could be a really big part of why this is working so well!

Unless you can find a template that matches well, Bubble would not the first point of call for this.