An automated content machine

Iā€™m looking to automate my content publishing process. The first part of this is simply reposting/resharing viral content.

Any great tools to 1) source this content 2) repost this content ?

The second piece of this is more about content repurposing:

  1. Create pillar content (video format)
  2. Transcribe video using Google Docs voice type
  3. Insert transcription text into preformatted templates for blog posts ie. listicles, quotes, lessons learned, etc.

Any ideas?

Hi Matt,

Content discovery & sharing:

Not sure what you are looking for exaclty for pillar content.

You can transcribe using Descript. This tutorial might help:

Then use zapier for #3. Similar idea in this tutorial:

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Inoreader is a Feedly alternative with the exception that it allows you to produce curated feeds with an RSS. From Ino you could send your feet to a WordPress site running a plugin like Feedzy, CyeberSEO or WRSS Agreggator (and there are a few others) could pic up that feed and autopublish those posts.

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