An invite-only social network

I’d like to build an invite-only social network for my growing community of NYC singles. Ideally I’d like to build my own social graph so I can see how members (both prospective and current) are connected to each other. Members need the ability to send invites to their friends. And the moderator (me), needs to be able to set application questions and accept/deny/waitlist applications. Members should be able to chat, with the group, and 1:1, they should be able to pay membership dues, and RSVP to community events.

I know this is a lot…

In what format - an app? a forum? Slack/Telegram/Signal/similar? Just trying to make it easier for others to answer here.

Hi Lucy,

Check out this tutorial:

We also have a project in our Bootcamp that shows you how to build a membership site with Webflow + Memberstack:

These two would be a great place to start. Given how much you would like to have – I recommend the Webflow + Memberstack route.