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This thread is for submissions for the Automation Challenge Jan 22 - Jan 31st.

Simply link your project in this thread and give a one-liner about what it is.


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Just knocked this together in the last 45mins: I call it…


A live feed of people asking questions about different nocode apps on Twitter. Expert in Zapier, Webflow, or Adalo? Jump into the conversation, help out and perhaps find yourself a new client!

(Basic overview: 3-step zaps setup monitoring new tweets, filters to narrow down to question tweets only, added to an Airtable in reverse chronological order which is powering a Table2Site website)


Love this! I made Scholarship Junkies

Individuals can sign up and be automatically matched to over $100 million in scholarships, submit essays for scholarship/college apps and get free feedback from experts, and browse tech/design jobs with free resume/cover-letter review.


  • Webflow: frontend, marketing
  • Zapier / Integromat: Referral program, sign up system, matching parameters for scholarships and students, adding scholarships from forms
  • Typeform: Essay, Cover Letter, and Resume submission mainly
  • Memberstack: User profile
  • ActiveCampaign: Email Marketing and follow ups
  • Figma: Design

The Gear Goat
The Gear Goat aggregates outdoor gear and products from Pinterest.

To build this, we used zapier, airtable and webflow!


I built Twitter Argumeter, a tool that lets you find out how much a Twitter user likes to argue and creates an ArguMeter profile of the user by doing an analysis of the percentage of tweets that are comments and by doing an average sentiment analysis of those tweets. It also shows you the most positive and the most negative tweet by the user ever.

The idea to build Twitter Argumeter came out of a tweet by a16z’s Andrew Chen. He wanted Twitter to put a flag of “this person likes to argue on the internet” on user profiles. This stems from the genuine frustration of Twitter users over trolls. Many times, it becomes hard to have a constructive debate with these users and before you realize it, you have gone down the rabbit hole of defending yourself, your character, and your values. So, it is better, especially for influencers, to know the twitter trolling or argument history of such users before engaging with them online or even in-person.


  1. Someone adds Twitter username on Glideapps using the form button which saves to the connected Google Sheet
  2. Zapier sees new Google sheet row & calls Parabola’s Webhook (still in Beta. You have to ask their support to activate it)
  3. Parabola calls Twitter API, does Sentiment analysis on the last 500 tweets of the user, calculates avg adjusted sentiment on comments, finds the comments with max & min adjusted sentiment, calculates % of the tweets that are comments & categorizes the user into 1 of the 9 Argumeter profiles
  4. Parabola sends data back to the Google sheet for Glideapps to consume.

A dashboard built off the backend booking platform of a fitness studio to help give staff a one-page overview of the important metrics for the day—data has been replaced with false data for security purposes, but it still functions as intended—tools include Parabola, Google Sheets and Google Data Studio with the plan to embed in a Webflow site with Memberstack access.



Kringlegram: Send customized letters, signed by Santa and postmarked from the North Pole


Tools: Webflow, Zapier, Typeform, Google Docs & Sheets, Stripe, Glitch, Mailchimp


Dog waste data gathering

Yes, you read that right! It’s a community project I’m working on in 2020 which I thought I’d add here. It’s a process to help my local village council gather data on the usage of dog waste bins, to potentially help them save costs in the future.

Why I’m building it

I recently found out that emptying the 44 bins in our village is the council’s largest single cost after staff. Crazy. All the bins are emptied regularly, but not all of them get used as much as others. So as a dog owner myself, I decided to create an experiment to help them save costs or change their process by identifying which bins gets used most.

How it works

There are two parts to the automation, each allowing dog owners to mark a bin as FULL.

  1. A Glide mobile app with a map of all the bins. Dog owners can mark a bin as full using Glide’s in-built form. This adds an entry into a tab in the app’s Google Sheet data, which triggers Zapier to add a record in an Airtable base.
  2. Unique QR codes on each bin. Dog owners can mark a bin as full by scanning the code, which triggers a pre-populated email to a special Gmail address. This email triggers Zapier to add a record in the same Airtable base.

The Airtable base is the master data, where we will identify later in the year which bins get marked as full the most frequently.

Tools: Glide / Zapier / Gmail / Google Sheets / Airtable


How many times you saved an article on Pocket, highlighted something in Instapaper or liked a tweet cause you found an interesting piece of information and wanted to get back to it and absorb it, BUT then never happened?

This happens to me multiple times per day! :slightly_frowning_face:

So i build the ReWired App based on the spacing effect principle.

*“How do you remember better? Repeated exposure to information in specifically timed intervals provides the most powerful way to fix memory into the brain. …Deliberately re-expose yourself to the information more elaborately, and in fixed, spaced intervals…”
— John Medina, Brain Rules


  • Every time I save an item to Pocket and tag it ‘Highlights’ I add it to a Gsheet - Integromat
  • Every time I highlight an item in Instapaper add it to the same Gsheet - IFTTT
  • Every time i like a tweet add it to the same Gsheet - Integromat

The Google sheet is the Database of the ReWired App.

In the app you will be able to read all your saved articles, search for them by tag, read them per source and pick the one you want to add to a weekly newsletter.

Every Monday at 10:00 you will get the best of the best in your inbox - Integromat:

Enjoy! :grin:


Slack Channel Newsletters
Automatically generate a weekly newsletter from most engaging messages posted to a channel in Slack. Other features:

  • Manually Flag messages to be added
  • Email draft created for weekly review before sending out to members
  • Tools used: Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, Zapier

Super quick video overview! https://youtu.be/nCoQ4tgIaIk


Pomodorit - Do it in 25 mins.

Accounting tasks needed by small businesses broken down into 25 min tasks.

need a link to show what you made :wink: