🚨 Automation Challenge (the brief)

We’re kicking off a challenge! The simple prompt is to build something related to automation…

Types of tools accepted: Any. (Parabola, Zapier, Tray, Retool, Integromat, DashDash etc)

Theme: Automations

Rules: Must be original content & MUST be posted to the submissions thread


  • 1st Place: $500 for first place + Makerpad Standard for one year + Makerpad swag
  • 2nd Place: Makerpad PRO Standard for one year + Makerpad swag
  • 3rd Place: Makerpad swag

Dates: Jan 22 to Jan 31 @ 00:00 PST (submission AND voting)
Judge: Community voting on submissions thread

if anything is unclear or you have any questions, ask anything you need in this thread!

Does it need to be a full product, or even a personal automation?
For Example only an integromat scenario?

can be just a personal automation! anything really :slight_smile:


Is the submission period Jan 22 to Jan 31 @ 00:00 PST to be followed by a voting period or is Jan 22 to Jan 31 @ 00:00 PST the submission AND voting phase? Thank you in advance for clarifying.


Submission AND Voting because people are already submitting and votes are already happening!

Will be clearer on the next one Colleen :slight_smile:

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