Best platform to make a Multi-Tenant app with web, iOS and Android versions?

So I think the NoCode space needs to solve this, as it’s product that can be sold to businesses. Businesses have needs and budget.

  • Multi-Tentant - Businesses can create an account and invite/moderate staff access
  • Create Web, iOS, Android interfaces (not just PWA) - they expect to have an app, and frankly when doing things with photos, offline etc, Native apps are needed.
  • Database - can’t just run on Sheets long term - needs to be able to link to a real database like PostGres etc
  • API - strong API to link to other services and Zapier so businesses can do their own add ons and automation.

So who out there is solving this?

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I think Adalo, Bubble and Boundless all have these capabilities actually. Have you used any of those for this yet?

Adalo doesn’t have Multi-tenant built in, but does sound like it could maybe be built in app.

I didn’t think/know bubble could do iOS/Android native app builds?

Boundless doesn’t do native either I don’t think?

There’s definitely ways that Bubble can do some app publishing but can’t remember how they do it specifically!

Hi @TonyD.

New here :star: B2B apps are the type of problems we at Lowdefy focus on.
Lowdefy is designed to:
:white_check_mark: Multi-Tentant is made easy by connecting a repository to multiple lowdefy deployments. (Yes, version control is essential.)
:white_check_mark: Connect to any database or API.
:white_check_mark: Create Web or PWA.
:x: Unfortunately no IOS or Android, especially not native in the near future.

It’s early days for us, but we are already solving these B2B app data intensive problems for enterprise clients as a consulting service for the past 3 years. However, we are now focusing full-time to make this available as a new no-code product :rocket: More info at . Your welcome to give me a shout if you want to learn more, I’d be interested to learn about your specific needs.

[Disclaimer: I’m co-founder of Lowdefy]

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With my Bubble hat on … :slight_smile:


You can do this in Bubble in either a “soft” way - so there is one database but you use the privacy rules to ensure Business A can never see Business B’s data. Users can be invited and linked too. A degree of whitelabeling is also possible. (brochure site is Webflow, app is all Bubble) does exactly this.

Also there is the possibility (albeit expensive) of having “sub apps” per business. Which offers database separation, change management and everything else.


Bubble’s database is Postgres underneath, but the data layer is more … object oriented. It should feel pretty familiar once you get over the terminology (a “row”/“tuple”/“object” is a “thing” in Bubble).


You can offer RESTful APIs with Bubble using API workflows.It is quite rich.

Create Web, iOS, Android interfaces

Yes, it is possible to wrap a single page app and publish on the stores. But many people build in another tool (like Glide) and use the Bubble data connector to get the data into their app instead.

Hope that helps a bit !

Not a Bubble employee - just a bit of a pioneer.