Could you build a Headspace or Calm App?

I’m exploring the no-code space and was wondering if and how it would be possible to build an App like Headspace or Calm - not around meditations, but the core features would be the same.

  • Sign-up
  • Free trial and an automated subscription billing afterwards
  • In-app player for multiple 2-5 minute voice recordings
  • In-app voice library
  • In-app journal functionality
  • Push notifications

How would you go about building it? Would love to hear propoals on tools and integrations.

I think the first way to test this out would be to get an app live with a collection of audio recordings.
You could put something like this live within a few hours. Perhaps using something like Thunkable.

See if you can get some traction on a free app first of all to show demand before you build something out in great detail.

You could then move to charging for the app or have ads which removes the need for sign in and streamlines the project way down.

As user interest increases you could then expand into more audio recordings and subscription billing from there!

Start small and keep iterating!