Fiverr/RatedPeople for Travel Industry Professionals


Firstly, just wanted to say how grateful I am for finding the makerpad community, I found Ben through a podcast he was a guest on and feel like I’ve found hope I can create what i’d like to without code.

I had an idea not so long ago about creating a clone of TripMule ( but last time I looked I was quoted some silly figures to replicate what they’d done with the platform using Ruby.

I’m looking to make a site where I can get independent travel agents to create a profile, post offers, have customers leave reviews and help them to connect with potential customers which is where the Fiverr/RatedPeople comment comes from.

I’d look to create MRR from membership fees for them on the site.

I’m not very technically gifted but happy to learn, keen to know what tools you guys would use to make something like this?

If it’s something out of a beginners capability, then happy to discuss cost to create!

Appreciate any help that can be offered.


Awesome to have you here! One of the easiest ways to do this would be to filter ‘Marketplace’ here:

It will show you tools, tutorials and user stories related to what you’re looking for. Sharetribe could be a great tool to start :slight_smile:


Hi Gilmore,

Welcome to the group :slight_smile:

Take a look at this example This is essentially a membership site and if you scroll to the bottom, you can see who built it and what tools used. This might help point in the right direction


Thanks Ben, appreciate that.

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Thanks Mike, will take a look!

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Hey there!

Both of the suggestions from Mike and Ben are great ones.

If you want to have all of the functionality in place for you from the start then go with Sharetribe. If you fancy taking on the build yourself then go with something like Webflow or Adalo.

Let me know if you need any help particularly on the Adalo side!

Thanks all.

Have been reading through this:

Think it’s probably the quickest way to go to get an MVP.

I’ll share where i’m at with it soonest.

Thanks again for all your advice, it’s appreciated.


sounds like a job for bubble. I worked for my app with a gifted freelancer from Russia: