Get featured on the Integromat blog

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking out this post. I’m Arpit and besides leading growth at Integromat, I love helping others along their no-code journey.

Of late, we have seen a lot of you no-code enthusiasts experiment with all kinds of tools including Integromat. In fact, we have also seen some really cool things being powered by Integromat and therefore we thought it only makes sense to feature some of those creations on our new blog.

If you would like to submit your use case for review, here is a standard format (with instructions).

And if you have any questions related to Integromat, please feel free to ask!

Thanks in advance and happy automating! :raised_hands:


Hey Arpit,

Sounds good!

I think those case studies will be really useful as real-world examples of what you can use Integromat for really spark inspiration!

Feel free to post up some examples as the case studies go live!

Hey Helen, you can find some use cases here:

Hope you find them useful.