Help optimizing/converting my accountability program workflow into a functional web-app & dashboard?

Hey guys! I run an accelerator for freelancers and agencies. We recently added a verrrrrrrrry MVP accountability program into our product using Google Sheets. Members are loving it and I’m looking to optimize the program and soon enough convert it into an app/SaaS. Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated :slight_smile:

I am currently using webflow as my web builder and looking at memberstack for my membership ‘stack’.

Here’s my current accountability process:

  1. user submits a google form - meditation minutes, sleep hours, gratitude journal (yes/no) plus key marketing/sales KPIs (# outbound msgs, CRM minutes, # calls booked)
  2. users checkin with their accountability partners and confirms their Submission which updates their scorecard in google sheets
  3. If user does NOT submit accountability, their penalty is to add $15 to the pot.
  4. Every 2 weeks, the most consistent users split the pot as a reward

Desired functionality -

  1. app sends an email/text reminder at pre-set end of day time to complete their accountability
  2. User submits form from within portal/dashboard
  3. User connects with accountability partner (not sure best way to do this on memberstack)
  4. If user does NOT complete form during 24 hour window, user is auto-billed $15 via stripe
  5. user is able to view their daily / weekly / monthly activity #’s based on their submissions inside their dashboard. Based on their numbers, app recommends specific training/course materials to implement (part of our product is a course, so if user is low on outbound, I want to point them to the part to set this up)
  6. User is able to view group dashboard / leaderboard
  7. Weekly and monthly progress reports are sent automatically sharing the users progress on scorecard
  8. The most consistent members are rewarded by splitting the pot every 2 weeks

Looks like GLIDE app is PERFECT for this… wondering what you guys think? Anyway to integrate the payment piece?

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Hi Matt,

You could use Glide (and Zapier / SMS by Zapier) to get this MVP out the door since it has a stripe integration but I don’t believe you can auto-bill.

You could maybe get the auto-bill functionality by doing a subscription type of set-up and not charging people if they hit their goals. Tom setup subscription functionality in this Adalo (similar to Glide in some ways) tutorial:

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Any updates on this idea?