How can I build an application system with NoCode platforms

Just wanna start building with no code for fun, and the first project in mind is a form for people to sign up and be matched with jobs (like an inverted job board).

How could I approach this? Which platforms have enough features to build this?

This would be pretty simple to do in @Bubble_Group . You’d create a table (Thing) of jobs to match to, then have Users sign up. There is a standard table (Thing) for Users that comes standard, so you don’t have to create that one. Login is also built-in. You can also create email streams to notify people of matches to new jobs that are entered.


you could do something super simple and have a typeform/google form, link to a database (airtable/google sheets) then when a new record is submitted, use zapier to search the database for jobs that match [parameters] and then send an email of those to the person


Are you still working on this? If so, do you mind sharing your workflow (e.g. collect data > store here > do this thing > send results to user)?