How do I add gated content, with login, to Webflow?

I’m a software engineer digging into the No Code space, trying to understand if this is the next layer in abstraction for software development.

That all said… I wanted to figure out how to use MemberStack with Webflow to gate content.

MakerPad already has a fantastic walk through with the two technologies, but not in the way I wanted to use them.

“After this walk-through, you’ll have a live site, with a blog, and the ability for visitors to signup or login as members. You’ll have a members only dashboard with gated content.”

Here is my approach:

127-page guide! woah :smiley: What is the short summary of how this setup is created?

ps. will check out the embed.

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The short summary IS the 11 minute video (which I wanted to directly embed into this post so folks get all the value they need right here).

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got it! I tried something so you should be able to now

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Perfect! Worked great, post updated!

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FWIW you can find the 127-page downloadable guide mentioned in the comments here:

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