How To Create Personalized Content for Logged In Members with Webflow and Memberstack

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While MakerPad has some awesome tutorials ( I’ve been doing a deep dive into Webflow and MemberStack beyond what’s currently available. Wanted share :smile:

Just finished creating a 30 minute step-by-step screencast walking through how to setup a Webflow site, with MemberStack allowing logged in members to personalize their dashboards content.

  1. Visitor signs up and becomes a member
  2. New member selects some screening options
  3. Based on selections member is shown relevant, personalized articles
  • Full control of your sites design in Webflow.
  • Using the Webflow CMS to store your member accounts.
  • Using MemberStack to provide members only access.
  • Personalized content through member settings.

To accomplish this I use:

  • Zapier
  • Webflow
  • MemberStack

Here’s the video:

You can also download a 255 page PDF Guide with 495 screenshots to walk through this setup at your own pace.

Great work Chris! :fire:

That’s really useful, going to give that a longer watch now!
That guide is super detailed too!

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Thanks @Helen, glad you like it! I worked really hard on this, excited to hear it was useful :smile: