I'm making a fitness activity platform - how to handle class schedules?

Hi all,

I’m trying to build a platform for booking fitness activities in my area. However, I’m struggling to figure out how to integrate the schedule of the fitness companies. They seem reluctant to re-create their schedule on my platform, is there a good way to handle this (a schedule would be class dates, times + available spaces)?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @pietlund12
Such a project is very similar to the LMS (Learn Management System).
It is always about arrangement of Courses, Classes, Lessons, Students, Teachers, and Billing.
It requires regular scheduling of lessons in physical places (classes) and automatic notifications for Students and/or Teachers.
We have a similar solution https://tabbli.com/solutions/solution-learning-management-system/
Here you can see a Live Preview (the read only mode) and I’ll be happy to demonstrate it for you.
We going to record a video demo explanation about this case
So you get more clearance and can choose the nocode platform to make it.
Best, Alex

What are you trying to solve?

A. How do I convince local fitness companies to enter or share their schedule data?
B. How can I use software to collect and update schedule data?

Not 100% sure I understand your question - what am I trying to solve with my product idea? If so, my city is very underserved by the tech community. I’m bundling fitness classes into one monthly subscription (e.g. ClassPass) for my city. Trying to get 15-20 providers on board but the hard part is syncing to their availability.