Interests based matching and meetup app

Hello eveyone! Great to join this community of no-coders!

I want to build a simple application that would match people based on similar interests and then set a chat/meeting between 5 random people among them.

- Sign up only possible with the company email

- List of interests - football, nocode, music, twitter, etc. Give an option for users to create new interests if their interests are not already listed.

- Randomly match a group of 5 people based on a particular interest and open a group chat between them. / Randomly match a group of 5 people based on a particular interest and suggest a meetup or group activity.

- Option to update your status on a public feed - so anyone interested in that activity can join.

How can I build this with no code tools?

Hi @jsol - welcome to the community!

You could probably achieve a lot of this with Adalo.

Here are a few tutorials that might get your juices flowing:

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One alternative free way of building this out, at least as a concept to start with, could be on top of Slack.

You could have a Slack bot randomly select the people and then the platform already has chat & calling integrations built in! You could have it so that people join channels of topics that they are interested in and then the bot would pick 5 channel members to meet with. You could also set rules so that it doesn’t keep picking the same groups too!