Hey everyone,

Going to break the ice a little bit and get to know one another. Feel free to introduce yourself!

  • Who are you and where are you from?
  • What are you working on with no-code? (Feel free to show off a link or photos!)
  • What tools are you interested in learning and building more with?
  • What are you looking for help with?

I’ll kick it off:

I’m Ben, I founded Makerpad in January 2019 and have been no-code building before it was even cool. It’s been so awesome to watch the community grow and for Makerpad to become a proper business!

I’m building Makerpad and a bunch of smaller additions without code. We help businesses automate while also helping individuals build without code. So we end up making tons of new things all the time!

I look at as many tools as possible. We use Webflow, Zapier, Airtable, Memberstack, Stripe, Typeform, Notion, Slack, Discourse (hi!) and tons of other tools to build Makerpad specifically but I love simple tools that do a couple things really well, like Glide. There’s a bunch of really powerful tools we are diving down the rabbit hole with that can do really advanced things, like Parabola, Adalo, Boundless and Bubble.

Chat to you all soon!

Hi all!

My name is Emmett Armstrong, and I live in Medford, Oregon. You can find me on twitter @emmettarmstrong.

I grew up loving technology, and as soon as I got something new, I would go change all the settings and see how I could customize the thing to fit my needs. Now, I get to do that exact same thing on a larger scale with no-code tools!

I run Metronome Agency; where I help entrepreneurs that have a lot of ideas but not a lot of time. I’ve also built a no-code company that helps creative studios with their lead generation. Check out my Makerpad Interview and the website for OnRamp Data.

I’m interested in tools that deal with sales automation, such as Pipedrive or Hubspot. The “big three” (Zapier, Airtable & Webflow) no-code tools are crucial for my companies, but I also would love to learn how to create a tools that are more data-driven. I’d also love to experiment more with app builders like Bubble or Adalo. Please let me know if anyone finds a good reporting and dashboard solution!


Hello hello!

My name is Mitchell and I currently work at Lambda and have been there for the last two years. I live in Utah, but my wife and I travel a lot and have done the digital nomad thing for a few years.

I love using no code tools to automate and improve business processes. Sometimes that means building out entire solutions, and sometimes that means just making slight changes to how things are already working.

I have been spending a little time recently with Bubble and plan to continue diving deeper there. I’m also interested in low code solutions so I’ve been working on improving my programming skills as well.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and helping people as they continue on their own no code journeys!

  • Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Erwin Blom from Amsterdam

  • What are you working on with no-code? (Feel free to show off a link or photos!)

I make apps for me, myself and I. Stuff I need myself. App for a holiday, app to gather bookmarks, app for my band.
I help people making apps. For example in a course ‘Make 4 apps in 4 weeks’.

  • What tools are you interested in learning and building more with?

Glide and Adalo are the most important for me because I have the idea that I can master them. For example to me Bubble is not no code, to complex formy knowledge.

  • What are you looking for help with?

Learn to master Glide and Adalo more.


Hey everyone!

I’m Tom Osman and I work on the content side of things here at Makerpad! I live in a place called Saddleworth which is about 30 minutes outside of Manchester in the Uk.

Since leaving school at 16 and a brief stint as a professional football player, I got involved in the world of tech and have a few failed startups + some years in Product under my belt. Most recently, I had a digital agency called The Growth People and did some cool Indiegogo launches and growth campaigns.

I’ve always built digital products so the rise in popularity of no-code combined with the huge increase in caliber of tools + Makerpad has been a great combo. Love learning how to use and apply new tools especially the ones that offer things which were previously reserved for engineering teams. Data and automation are two things I’m REALLY interested in!

Looking forward to seeing what the community builds in 2020 and if anyone needs any help with anything I’ll be here!


Tony Dehnke from Chilliwack, BC Canada.

Learning some coding and the nocode space is very interesting.

Currently building an app idea I have in Adalo.

Interested in finding a good no code solution to build a multi-tenant app that that has web, iOS and Android interfaces.


Hi I’m Fajar Siddiq from Singapore :singapore:

I’ve heard about Makerpad on twitter.
I just join the community officially today in 2020.
For no-code, i’m still learning and exploring.
Finding some sources that is Freemium + Automation
Currently i love making short launch videos.
Any idea how to make a video editor SaaS using nocode?


Hi all!

I’m Andrew from the UK (but living in Hungary), you can find me at my most active on Twitter: @AndrewJDavison

I’m a Zapier Certified Expert and run an agency: Luhhu. While Zapier is my core thing, I’ve dabbled and enjoy building stuff with Bubble, Webflow, Integromat, Landen Airtable.

Looking forward to meeting people on here and seeing this community grow :smiley:


Hey I’m Shawn, from Cape Town South Africa

I’m a product person at Over, with enough product design chops to get me into trouble. I’m using Zapier and web flow a lot these days for little side hacks and side projects and I’m really interested in using no code tools to improve my workflow in both my day job, and side hustles.



Hey now! My name is Ramtin and I’ve been living in LA most of my life.

What brought me to Makerpad is a desire to build things, and more importantly begin to reframe my thinking through the perspective of a maker.

Some years ago I had this seemingly brilliant idea for a p2p marketplace and spent a ton of time on it, but unfortunately it didn’t come to fruition. Was (and still is) heartbreaking. But the lesson I learned is not to go and build a tech driven startup while being completely blind to software dev.

So this is a brand new start.

Looking forward to learning new tricks, challenging myself, and meeting you folks along the way.


Hello! I’m Ross the Trash Panda.

I live in Grand Rapids, MI, Twitter handle is @rossthetp__C .

I currently work as a Salesforce Project Manager full time, with the following projects on the side:

  • Roviki Solutions- Salesforce Essentials Edition Training and Consulting
  • Learn Sales Ops - Salesforce Sales Operations Training
  • ProjectADHD - Something to help others like me with ADHD

I’m know a lot about Salesforce, excited to learn more about additional no-code tools!


Hello hello!

My name is Jean Lucas, I’m a tech person: former software developer, do some design gigs, nowadays work (remotely) at X-Team as community managers / devrel.

I still build stuff in my own time, and that’s how I end up here. Wanna launch some projects with no-code just for the kicks.

I don’t know many platforms yet, just heard of some, and I like that there are tools for people that have 0 code knowledge. Wanna learn more about them, also understand how people are monetizing those projects :grimacing:


Hey All! David here, helping Makerpad with operations. I think my first no code tool was Squarespace but like earrllllly Squarespace. I remember showing people a demo of a site I was building for a company and they were blown away (I think they thought I could code).

Anyways, as a business owner I’m always looking to be as efficient as possible and no code tools are the ultimate leverage for individuals looking to scale their output and time.

In the last 2 years there has been a huge shift in how many tools are coming online so it’s fun just to see everything, and I think the skill of learning to dive in and build tools quickly is a key skill for work anywhere in the coming decade.


Hi everyone,

I’m Amie and I recently joined the Makerpad team to help with tutorials.

I have been working in the software-as-a-service world for the past seven years. I first dabbled in no-code antics with simple automation workflows in Salesforce. I’ve been on the hunt for great tools that allow you to do/build things efficiently and effectively ever since.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is making and discovering!


Hello all,

I’m Caitlin and I’m currently a resident of Mexico City (originally from United States).

I’m trying to come up with a marketplace of sorts, where sellers (including myself) can create online tutorials on how to code and place them on the marketplace. Buyers have the option to choose a tutorial that they’d like to pay for, and upon paying the one-time fee, they would have immediate access to the tutorial. It’s actually very similar to MakerPad, but with a one-time fee per tutorial (which they would have access to forever), as opposed to a subscription model.

I believe for the aforementioned product that I want to build, I’m mostly interested in learning Bubble and WebFlow, and maybe MemberSpace? I honestly don’t even know what all is out there in the no-code world so I’m sure I’ll be adding more tools to my list of things to learn.

I’m here to gain feedback on whether the above is something that’s achievable with no-code solutions, and hopefully some guidance on which no-code website builder to go with (WebFlow, Bubble, or something else perhaps).


DMing you :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I’m Louis and I live in the South of France (Marseille).

I failed numerous time at learning to code and discovered I could make things without code and it was a revelation! I started playing with online tools at my previous job (Product guy at a tech ticketing company) and then tried to build a start-up. During this time I created numerous MVPs in very little time with Typeform, Carrd and Zapier.

In early 2018, I joined a freelance community where I specialized in no-code (but it didn’t have this name at the time).

I really enjoy building things and the no-code empowers use in an all new way.
My favorite tools of the moment are: Adalo, Integromat, Zapier, Airtable, Typeform, Carrd. I also use WordPress (I’ve not fulling dive into Webflow for now).


:wave: all!

Very excited to be here and meet everyone. I work on nocode tools for crypto focused on helping communities manage DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations - internet native companies using internet native currencies).

Looking forward to learn, contribute and be apart of the community!

:pray: James
twitter : @jamesyoung


Hi everyone,

I’m Mark and I live in Hertfordshire, just outside London in the UK. I’ve been a brand and web designer for 25 years (:sweat_smile:), the last 16 of those independently. Mainly I’m a problem solver and a maker at heart, and these days I’m shifting towards designing marketing workflows and custom experiences for clients, with as little code as possible. The progress of no-code tools is expanding what I can do for them all the time.

So far I’ve mainly worked with Glide, Airtable, Carrd, Notion, Zapier, Typeform, along with various WordPress integrations. I’ve dabbled in Bubble and Webflow, but haven’t had time to deep dive yet.

Looking forward to joining in here, as we all learn and share.