Inventory Tracker?

I’m hoping to put together a relatively simple inventory like tracker for things in people’s homes. Think of it as a centralized place for folks to keep track of the appliances, electronics, etc. in their house with the ability to link to online user manuals and other pertinent data.

What would be the best tool to start off with if I’d want make sure the users would have their own space for their information? Was thinking Airtable as a starting point with Adalo on top of it but open to other ideas. Very low code person skills on this end.

Hi @Brad_Peters.
We have already a similar solution for a small Real Estate agency in Rotterdam. But it is more about manual inventory depends on situation: check-in/check-out or regular cleaning. As I understand you need auto-tracking based on RFID or at least bar-code (semi-automatic).
Based on RFID the system will understand if something moved out of radius. This is the most smart and convenient. Our customer left it for a later stage.
Here you can see the short description of this project with dummy data
And you can try live preview even.
We have admin area to manage the internal data and users. And the password-protected public area for responsible managers and cleaning workers. They get a scheduled messages into their emails.
I’ll be happy to make a demonstration with more details for you.
Best, Alex

Hi Brad, I’ve built something exactly like this for my home in Data in a spreadsheet - key details for appliances, utilities, pets, car and so on. Quite simple to do. I don’t want to post it here for privacy reasons, but if you have any questions let me know.

Thanks @markbowley, I was thinking of using Glide as well. That would work perfectly if I was just building it for myself. I’m curious if I could build a functioning system so that multiple people could all use the same underlying structure but then only see the things that applied to them. Was hoping to use this as a “basic” project to help me learn some of the no-code tools better.

You could certainly build this in Adalo. You would just set each list in the backend to “Current Logged in user -> Inventory” so that it would only show the items that belonged to the current user. If you set the list to “Inventory” it would show everyones.

OK, understood @Brad_Peters. However I’m pretty sure you can do that in Glide with some login/permissions structure. Would need looking into.

Hi @Brad_Peters, AwesomeTable is a great tool for that. You store your data in Google Sheets or Excel Online and AwesomeTable lets you create a custom view on top, with interactive filters, search and pagination extremely easily.
See an example here:

Airtable for the data and Stacker for users, permissions, create, read and update functionality.