Is it possible to create and publish a blog post from Airtable? How? Which CMS would be best for this?

Since Airtable is working on rich text fields and I have access to the beta, I’m wondering if that could be used to publish posts to your blog directly. If this was possible then the amount of posts that I would publish would probably skyrocket. I’m currently using WordPress and the thought of having to log in and write/format the post is often enough to deter me from doing it. If it was as easy and quick as filling airtable fields for title and content and clicking a check-mark named “publish” then I would really enjoy it.

Though I’m using wordpress, I’m more than willing to switch to another cms if it made this easier.

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You can definitely publish Airtable records to Webflow CMS so no reason why not!

The only thing is whether formatting in Airtable will translate to the rich text in Webflow. Which I assume it wont :cry:

However…you could use the ‘Formatter by Zapier’ when pushing the text from Airtable to Zapier to format it as it gets sent over. That may work!


Yup this should work but like Ben said the only thing that you’ll have to test is formatting.

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Interesting idea, what about using Notion instead? It’s already a cross between database / publishing. Can’t do much with the design and post URLs aren’t very clean, but otherwise it could be used for simple blogging.

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I think this will be possible in Notion once the API comes out but I think Erik wants it automated so it may not be quite there yet.