Looking for potential UX/Designers (Glide + Webflow)

Hey all, I could use some help with my new glide app. I would love any insights via live examples and open to speak with a freelancer/consultant for 30-45 minutes about this to help.

My use case: I am creating a 10-day free trial app that will serve as an LMS/membership app. The main thing I am looking for here is to create a scalable sheets infrastructure that we can use as a strong foundation as we scale up. Here are the features I’m needing…

  • Capture user’s email on signup (what is best practice for sharing app for signups?)
  • Daily text/video lessons introducing various concepts/strategies
  • Each lesson should have an ‘action items’ or ‘challenge’ section or checklist so the user can take action with interactive progress reporting ie. user marks lessons as done (if possible, it would be cool to auto-add certain action items to the calendar, not a huge deal if not)
  • Each lesson should feature curated ‘products’ available for purchases
  • Browsable Library of resources related to lessons. These will be in Google Doc/PDF format, videos, blogs, podcasts, routines
  • I would like to use RSS feeds to automatically/dynamically add new lessons, actions, resources into the app
  • Email or text Reminders/notifications based on action items, challenges, routines
  • Is it possible to set up a “share to unlock” functionality. Ie. if users want to unlock the resource library, could I somehow gate this until they share the app on social or via email?

If any of you can support, it is greatly appreciated! Feel free to comment or tag a friend below. Happy to invest a bit of time and money into additional consulting if necessary.

The idea is to start with glide apps MVP then translate that into Webflow CMS for the full membership experience.

Hey Matt,

Have a look at our members section. Here are a few members that might be able to help with UX / Design in Glide & Webflow. Here are a couple :-

Teresa Villanueva of Solid.work
AJ Picard of SauceDesigns.io

Hi Matt,
I am a UX designer and I am currently working on couple website and web app design projects. I guess I could be able to help you out. Regarding glide, I have tried creating something using it as well, see the link here: https://nocodenoworries.glideapp.io/. For Webflow, I have create my portfolio using it: https://www.minjie.design. Certainly not the best from a UI design point of view.

I guess in order to move forward with the project, you would need to know what is the main insights you would like to gain from the MVP. Since this is a LMS system, is it the content or the learning process or something else? Once that is confirmed, you can plan backwards to the functions for the MVP and then built it using glide.

If you need help with the process, feel free to hit me up.