Making a ticketing system in no-code

Hi all,

I’m trying to build a ticketing system.
Here how we thought about it:

  1. The visitor gives us his information (typeform or else)
  2. We generate a barcode that we put on a PDF and sent it to him
  3. (Here is the tricky part) The night of the show, we can scan the ticket with the barcode and validate that he went to the place.

Do you see how can I build this? Or do you know an app that will let me search-scan something with a barcode?
I was thinking building this with Airtable but there app is not really user friendly.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Louis,

Have you checked out this tutorial yet by Tom? Would need to figure out the PDF component though.

Another option is to do this in Google Sheets from a form and use the QR Code Generator add-on.

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Thanks Amie!

I was able to generate tickets quite easily with Integromat and Google Docs, but now it’s the “access control” part that is quite difficult.

I found a service that will do that for me, so I’m currently investigating that way: