No Code Sold - Buy & Sell No Code Projects

Hey all!

Having sold two small companies, I’m familiar with the uncomfortable process that accompanies the handoff stage. While one was mostly no-code, the other was a custom app written in React. Handing offer Amazon servers, SSH keys, etc. is a pain, to say the least.

The no-code handoff is way easier, so why not dedicate a service just to buying and selling no-code projects?

No Code Sold is the easiest way to buy and sell no-code projects. It’s simple, just join as a buyer to the newsletter and submit as a seller via the form. No cost to either side. Join the 400 other peeps already getting deals sent out weekly.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback. :raised_hands:

Hey Chris!

I like that it’s no cost on both sides! Perhaps promoted posts will be a way to monetize in future that means people still can use the platform for free.

I have a couple of projects I can post up for sale!