OPEN: Makerpad mascot

I’ve no design chops…which is why the Makerpad logo is a simple ‘Makerpad’ in Muli font. I do like the simplicity, but I’d love to have some sort of logo for the squarer places on the internet (Twitter, profile pics etc).

Challenge: Create a mascot for Makerpad

This challenge is open for as long as needed until we find something that we and the community LOVE :heart_eyes:

Post your submissions as a reply to this thread!

Makerpad swag is up for grabs :sunglasses:

This is good Ben. I can design abit.
What i can think of Makerpad for mascot is like can be related to emoji?
But it really depend what you like and fits best with the vision and mission of Makerpad.
So specific item.

Some examples:

  • Lightning :zap:
  • Hammer & Pick :hammer_and_pick:
  • Rocket :rocket:

There’s more, depends on categories

  • cats
  • penguins
  • fish

I don’t like animals in general - not looking for a PH Kitty :joy:

Emoji is not unique enough.

I love the GitHub mascot.

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Okay now i have understand what you like and what you don’t like.
I love github mascot too. ya i don’t use animals in general either for icons/mascot/logo

Is there any specific thing you like? like items related to tools? @bentossell

nothing specific, this is an open challenge so people can just come up with random ideas and post them :slight_smile:

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I love the idea of a mascot. To me it has to take back to the maker aspect. Something with a builders hard hat sounds nice. Would be cool if it had space/flexibility to each topic, like Reddit snoos.

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