Using MemberStack? Frustrated when your Dashboard button only shows after a page refresh?

Howdy all :wave:

If you use MemberStack with your Webflow site, you’ll recognize the “missing dashboard button” problem.

Figured out a solid fix for this that I like using, and my members have given me good feedback on it too.

Here’s the problem… when new members signup and first land on your Webflow welcome page, they don’t see that MemberStack dashboard button.

They have to refresh the page before it shows up.

My newly posted 8 minute video walks you through the fix. Wanted to share it with the community! Drop questions / comments here and I promise to answer them.

To solve this I use:

  1. Webflow
  2. MemberStack
  3. Zapier

Here’s the video:

If you prefer, there is a downloadable 123 page PDF Guide with 230 screenshots to walk through this setup at your own pace.

Great fix! I’m sure there’s lots of opportunities like this to tweak known integration issues and make them so much better!

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Helen! I 100% agree, lots of room to improve the user experience for sure :smile: