Welcome to the Makerpad Community

This is the central forum for all discussion and support for the Makerpad no-code community. This topic is a general overview of how everything works, and where to find everything you need.

Tag @tomosman or @bentossell if you need urgent help.

We encourage you to introduce yourself

We have some sections to help you make use of this community.

Showcase - Show off what you’re building or have launched recently! It could be a project, newsletter, article, podcast, tutorial, anything related to no-code

How can I build - What do you want to build? Submit it here for the team and community to recommend their suggestions

Tools - Discussions and questions related to your favourite no-code tools

Product Updates - Discuss new updates that no-code tools release.

Content - View new tutorials and workshops and chat about them

Help - Get answers to your questions and support for using Makerpad, and building without code.

Challenges - Where we host regular challenges for building without code

Wishlist - Feature requests, suggestions and tutorial ideas go here. If you have thoughts about what we should build next, this is the place to ask (and vote) for your favourite ideas.

To help maintain the strength of our community, we have some rules for participating:

  • Be helpful. Our community is at its best when members help each other overcome real problems. If you have an experience that another member might find valuable, please chime in!
  • Be kind. Many communities tolerate trolls. We don’t. Please treat others respectfully all of the time—especially when you disagree.
  • Don’t harass. Our community is a safe space where members respect one another. We don’t tolerate harassment. This includes inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, and offensive, intimidating, or inappropriate statements.