Workout tracker with a Reward system


I am tinkering with an idea for a project which may motivate people to continue their workouts at home during these times with social distancing. The idea is simple

An app which connects with health apps on the users phone and collects data - then - rewards users based on that data(calories burned/steps taken/duration of workouts etc.)

What’s required:

  1. An app with a function of letting users connect their health data/steps/health apps to the app

  2. A calculation of what rewards will be given for which metric. So, for instance, for burning 1000 calories in one week, a reward of $50 discount on running shoes.

  3. A way to claim rewards and get specific rewards/view all rewards/list of rewards/choose a reward.

A complete no-code noob and not in a rush. Happy to answer any questions.